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While adults are getting busy with Navratra and upcoming Diwali preparations, kids don’t you think you must celebrate in your own playful way? This festive season bring the cute and cuddlesome cat home. We are talking about your darling Doraemon, the blue robo-cat. The best part would be that it won’t even hunt for mice. It’s a kind cat and it’s rocking on television.

Parents you know it well that when your child throws tantrums, no one else but their favorite Doraemon can lighten up their moods. These days your lil ones are no more inspired by superheroes like Phantom or Mandrake. The Japanese robo-cat Doraemon have become your childrens’ new best friend. Even if the hit cartoon series of Doraemon is giving sleepless nights to you, you have to bear with the Doraemon demand.

So kids ignore your moms! We have convinced them. Here some good news for all Doraemon fans. Meet and greet Doraemon in everything you do as we know you can’t do without the cute cat. So we bring home adorable Doraemon products for you. Shizuka and Nobita are also available for more fun and mastee.

For the kids smitten by the D-bug we have Doraemon tee shirts, caps and cars for their every day adventures. There are milk mugs, a sweet offer to suit their taste. Doraemon sippers and toys will guarantee to be the cutest possessions. There are more which you have dreamt you could have them. Even you kiddies have a style statement and if it’s a robotic Japanese cat you love, nothing like that. We set your Doraemon dreams true and pure. So, hurry to get the Doraemon flavor everywhere in your home. Just dart for the cute and lovely Doraemon merchandise.
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